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  • Accessible information in an isolated time

    Podcast on accessible information during COVID-19 and the challenges that come with isolation. Both Molly (web accessibility consultant) and Rebecca (psychotherapist) live with Usher syndrome, a condition causing combined blindness and deafness.

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    Two pictures in a diagonal split screen of Rebecca Alexander (left) and Molly Watt (right) while they are speaking and making hand gestures.
  • Towards a therapy for one patient

    It has been roughly two years since David Rodman became the Executive Vice-President Research & Development at ProQR to apply his knowledge of study design and genetic diseases on our pipeline for genetic eye diseases.

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    Photo of David Rodman
  • We push for the best research, so that patients benefit the most

    The work at ProQR would not be possible without the help from patient organizations and foundations. One of the main supporters is the Foundation Fighting Blindness, who generously provided funding for the clinical development of QR-421a.

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    A photo of Stephen Rose
  • I want my daughter to be able to dream, and keep dreaming

    At a glance, it’s hard to tell Maartje - mother of four - has Usher syndrome. Though she manages her life very well, it took her a long time to get to that point. “I have learned to be optimistic, but the somberness is always there."

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    Photo of Maartje
  • Breaking barriers to better therapies

    New therapies are thoroughly tested to ensure safety and efficacy, but for a company like ProQR, which aims to treat small groups of patients with rare diseases, innovating within the system is essential. Jessica is trying to rethink clinical trials.

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    Photo of Jessica Ibbitson