TIDES Europe 2022 Conference ProQR at TIDES to highlight our Axiomer® technology

Written by Saskia Crowe, Associate Director CMC

This month several ProQRians will attend the Oligonucleotide and Peptide Therapeutics Conference (TIDES Europe) 2022 to highlight our Axiomer® RNA-editing platform technology.

Two ProQRians standing outside TIDES EU 2022 Conference Entrance

Why are we there?

As with many biotechnology companies, it is important for us to present and discuss our latest advances as we showcase our work from the laboratories in Leiden, to scientific conferences and beyond. At this year’s TIDES Europe, Gerard Platenburg, ProQR Chief Scientific Officer, and co-founder, is presenting current progress on the development of RNA base-editing technologies for precision medicines (view presentation).

As scientists we use this time at conferences to meet research colleagues, other companies, and academics to share ideas and learn about the latest advances in the field of RNA.

RNA illustration

What is our Axiomer RNA-editing technology?

Scientists at ProQR have invented a new way to use RNA oligonucleotides to alter RNA through the Axiomer® RNA editing technology. The Axiomer® platform uses “Editing Oligonucleotides”, or EONs, designed to recruit and direct the cells own editing machinery called ADAR (adenosine deaminase acting on RNA). EONs will guide the ADARs to perform a single nucleotide change at the RNA level in a highly specific and targeted way. This single nucleotide changes can correct the mistake, or mutation, in the RNA of someone with a genetic disease. By correcting the mistake, the RNA can then be used to create the protein that the cell needs, taking away the underlying cause of the disease.

Other applications are possible as well, such as modulating protein expression, or altering a protein so that it will have a new function. This versatile technology has the potential to become a new class of medicine to treat or prevent diverse types of diseases, including currently untreatable diseases.

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